Bitcoin Mixer Reviews

 Bitcoin Mixers reviews 2020 . A bitcoin mixer is used to delete traces of your past bitcoin activity. It usually involves creating a secondary wallet that is anonymous, eg. has no name on it, no address, and there was no bank account or credit card associated with it. You will send the bitcoins linked to your name and bank account to a bitcoin mixer, this will replace it with anonymous bitcoins generated by bitcoin mining farms, and send you back to the secondary wallet the clean bitcoin from the mining farms. When you send any amount of the bitcoin from the anonymous wallet to a person, he won't be able to say who you are, or what is your bank account.  A bitcoin mixer works by tumbling the funds from customers with funds from bitcoin miners. In other words you send bitcoins tied to your real bank account, and you get anonymous bitcoins from bitcoin farms into a different bitcoin wallet, that is completely anonymous. There are two important things when to take into consideration: